27 September 2005

"That's just my mom, she's crazy."

I guess I'll move on from the pajama wearing. I think the Queen actually beat me at my own game. We rode to school this morning (me in my pj's, of course) and she asked me to come into her classroom with her. Gotta find something new... gotta find something new.

26 September 2005

Smile, your mom isn't wearing PJ's

Well, it happened, I broke the trend today. I actually GOT DRESSED this morning before taking the Queen to school. Don't worry though fellow readers, I have not given up on embarrassing my child. I did make sure to give her an extra long hug in front of her classmates this morning. She hugged me back, for just as long. I am happy!

25 September 2005

Cake tastes good.

So today I feel like a bad mother. Not because I haven't done the laundry today (I haven't) or because my family has eaten leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner (they have). Nope, really it's because in 3 days it will be the Queen's 8th birthday. I have not planned a party, discussed birthday crap with family, special dinner? who knows. Seriously, I don't even know what the hell to get the girl. What the hell kind of mother doesn't know what to get her own daughter for her birthday? Apparently this mother. I asked her what she wanted tonight and she ran down the list for me... " I want a motorcycle, make sure it's the dirt bike kind and not the street kind."
Seriously long pause because she has completed her birthday wants so I proceed... "Ok, ANYTHING else? A motorcycle is a pretty big order."
"Yeah, a dog, a motorcycle helmet, a new bicycle, oh yeah, and a car!"
Are you shitting me? The Queen is, well, the Queen. Asking for things a Queen should have I suppose. Nothing I can afford of course.
"Wait, back up... A CAR? You are only going to be EIGHT!"
"Yeah, I guess that can wait til later... but I do want a convertible like Grandma's!"
So now I'm back in the same boat not knowing what to get that girl. Honestly the only thing she really needs is socks and a new uniform skirt. How sad is that? I suppose it's not sad at all that she doesn't really need anything but I really did think about getting her those things for her birthday. Who wants that kind of stuff for their special day? Ugh.
Anyway, it's really kinda too late to plan a party. And, quite frankly, I really don't feel like having one. Who really wants to take care of an entire room full of other people's children. Lordy, I've barely made it this long trying to take care of just the one. I feel more inclined to go out with all MY friends, drink beer and toast to the fact that it's been 8 years and I have managed to keep her alive (probably not sane though). I'm thinking that this is more of an amazing feat of motherhood than a childhood accomplishment.

21 September 2005

Appliance Mania

Does anyone else (other than me, of course) have this BURNING DESIRE to go out and buy the coolest pink refrigerator ever? Hrmmm.... how can I fit this into the new color scheme of my kitchen?

20 September 2005

New Kitchen and Such

Well, I've posted the new kitchen pictures this morning. There's still a little bit of work to do but it should all be completed by this weekend! YEA! I was soooo happy this morning I made eggs and toast for breakfast for the Queen and then baked this pie.
Now the big question I know you all are wondering.... did I wear my pajamas to drop the Queen off at school? Yep. Today was the best too! We pulled up on our bikes at the rack and then she promptly jumped off her bike, threw her helmet at me and ran inside! I calmly locked her bike and rode home giggling the entire way. That went so well, and she hasn't said anything yet I'm thinking maybe I should stick with the pj theme when I volunteer Tues-Wed... Nah, I don't think I could convince myself of that one. Anyone with anymore fun ideas for embarrassing my Queen? FUN is the key here, not damaging!

19 September 2005


The Queen B's new specs and crazy hair.


I know it's been like a month coming, but I will be posting the vacation pictures VERY SOON!!

15 September 2005

Pajama Update

So I thought I would break the cycle today and FINALLY get dressed to take the Queen to school today. Yeah, um, nope. I REALLY DID TRY THOUGH!!!! I SWEAR! So, the deal is, my best friend asks me for a "huge favor" the other day. The issue at hand was that she was going to go meet this boy for his birthday and seeing as how it was his birthday all his frat buddies were going to be there and she didn't want to be the only girl in this sea of boys. Problem is that it's on Wednesday night and she understands that it's the middle of the week and I have obligations and all. C'mon I have GOT to get up early in the morning and embarrass my child at school. I started thinking about it and decided it would be A LOT more embarrassing to have your hungover mother (in her pajamas) dropping you off at school as opposed to just your unkempt mother (in her pajamas) dropping you off at school. Right?? Yeah, I thought so too, so bars, here we come. We get to the first bar, which I have got to say, seemed like it was filled with teenagers (I felt really old although the birthday boy was turning 27) and have one drink and move to the next. Have a few there and move on to the third, and final, arena. Just had one drink there and decide to stop it there since I, you know, didn't want to not get up in the morning at all, therefore not get the chance to fully embarrass the Queen. Oh wait, had one more shot... oh well. Anyway, I finally make it home at like 3 a.m. and decide that I'm not really gonna be THAT hungover so I should do something like leave all my eye makeup on so that I look REALLY FABULOUS when I take her to school. I set my alarm and hit the sack for the few precious hours of sleep that I will get before the fucking alarm that annoys the piss out of me will start going off and then annoyingly remind me that nobody else in the house will get up if I don't. Ok, so now I'm cranky and tired and roll over and sleep that fabulous sleep that you can only get when you've had the PERFECT amount to drink. Not too much, not too little, juuuuust right! I'm not much of a sleeper really so after a bit I wake up and look at the clock, thinking it's been like an hour or so, and the damn thing says SEVEN FUCKING O'CLOCK! Hell, damn, fart. I had set the wrong alarm (stupid dual alarm clocks) which wasn't due to go off until 2:30 p.m. Yes, that is the official napping alarm. Dan's alarm hadn't gone off, and holy shit I just remembered that I was supposed to have coffee with a bunch of the other mom's!!!!! I was PLANNING on breaking the PJ dress code because of the whole coffee date and all but now I have woken up late, my mouth tastes like ass, and although not really hungover at all, the last thing I really want to get out of bed to do is make lunches. Needless to say, I DID wear my pajamas again AND yelled at her in front of everyone "WAIT!!! I didn't get a kiss!" Teehee, I rock! I love this job! Well, I still had to go to coffee and decided that the ladies would enjoy the whole chain of events entirely too much and kept the pajamas on for our child-free coffee date! They loved it! You will be happy to know that I did brush my teeth before I went though.
Days I have taken my child to school in anything other than PJ's: 0

14 September 2005

Pictures are Up

Silver Creek, Idaho
Labor Day 2005

12 September 2005

The Queen's Mother

Ok, so I'm wondering... at what point will the Queen B finally be embarrassed by her mother? I know it's going to happen soon. Every morning I get up, awake all others in the household, make breakfast and lunches, then take the Queen to school. I've always said how much I LOVE Bailey's school, and don't get me wrong, I still totally adore that place. BUT... there's always a but isn't there?! Anyway, back to the embarassing part, the Queen always wants to ride her bike so of course I indulge (c'mon, we live like 4 blocks from the school). Well, I ride with her IN MY PAJAMAS. Yes, you heard me clearly, my jammies. Now, it's not like I'm wearing some frilly nightgown or something, usually some sort of yoga pant and (thank god for the onset of morning coldness around here) a sweatshirt, cause we all know the Queen's mother cannot be bothered with putting on a bra in the a.m. Seriously, she's lucky I pull my bedraggled hair back into a hairtie before we actually push off. Now, none of this seems really too terribly bad except that my lovely, brilliant, super cool, bitchy-at-home second grader goes to this great private, Catholic school where every mom (and MANY dads) volunteer, and/or don't work outside of the home. So every morning I drop off the Queen there are these 20 or so mothers outside chatting with each other, dressed up to move on with their day and here I am completely unkempt and honestly, I haven't brushed my teeth yet at this point. She sees them, she sees me. Then within a split second she RUNS into the building. Maybe she has noticed and she's just not saying anything.
P.S. Will post weird weekend stuff tomorrow maybe.

06 September 2005

Labor Day

Well, we've made it through another holiday weekend! We left to Silver Creek on Friday and lordy it was beautiful. Will post pics soon. I hate the preparation of camping but damn I love it when I get there. It was the 3 of us, Bubba, Lib, and Kellie (for Fri and Sat-poor girl, damn homework). Seems to be our regular crew these days. The girls were great, only towards the end did they display the sibling in-fighting that they seem to do. Funny they aren't sisters, but they sure do act like it most of the time. The Queen B has been pretty bitchy lately. The last three trips we've had together (S.F./Oakland, San Diego, Camping @ Silver Creek) have taught me a new level of self control. There are just times in your life where you cannot believe that you didn't whip around and whap that kid upside the head for what was just said or done. Sometimes it's hard to talk to a 7 year old about why you are so upset about what just happened. Her new thing is a TOTAL lack of respect to the parental units. After her last bout, yesterday, I think I may have gotten this one nipped in the bud. She's currently grounded and was thouroughly embarassed when her friend finally told her "Hey, be nice to your mom." WOOHOO for the kid down the street!! Peer pressure at it's finest.
I cannot believe how unmotivated I am today. I've washed two blankets from the trip and quite frankly, that's it. The smell of campfire eminating from the living room has only pushed me to shut my door so it will quit wafting in while I lay around. I'm thinking about having some cookies but sheesh, then I would be reminded of what I need to be doing. Ick. I did manage to ride my bike with The Queen to school this morning. Albeit I did it in my pajamas. And of course this is the day when the parents want to hang around and chat. Damn, I was beautiful. Pajamas, glasses, I did throw on a sweatshirt since I apparently couldn't be bothered to put on a bra, PLUS I hadn't brushed my teeth yet. AND THEY WANT TO CHAT!!!! I have got to get myself together. I'm such a dork! I do have to say that I have managed to spend an hour rearranging my Netflix queue. Cause you know that HAD to be done. Thank to ms chan AKA Bacon for that enjoyable time and for loving the same dorky movies that I do! Ok, off for cookies and laundry... maybe.

02 September 2005

I just can't stop myself

Who voted for these ridiculous people anyway? Politics and Tragedy

The Storm

My question is... Why can the news teams get in there and help the folks in these flood/hurricane affected towns and the police and rescue teams cannot? Does that make sense to anyone? They keep saying "oh, we can't get in there to rescue these people" but the news people seem to be getting in quite easily. This is all so insane. Damnit, help those suffering people!
My mother posed an interesting question yesterday... "Would this be happening if all those people were white?" Good question.

Today's Idaho Statesman

Community members question Salvation Army over shelter

Brad Hem

The Idaho Statesman | Edition Date: 09-02-2005

About 250 North End residents packed the Lowell Elementary School gym Thursday evening to give Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and city and Salvation Army officials an earful about plans to turn a shelter traditionally used for teenage mothers at 24th and Bella streets into a homeless shelter for families and single parents.

Most of the neighbors at the meeting said they are not happy about the change. They fear increased crime. They expect to see more loitering in their yards and nearby parks because the shelter residents are required to leave the site from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. They are worried about the safety of their children playing in the area. They are worried that men acquainted with women at the shelter will loiter in the neighborhood. Some said they have already seen more problems since the Salvation Army started housing homeless families at the Booth Family Care Center two weeks ago.

Salvation Army spokesman Rick Hempsmyer tried to assuage concerns by telling residents the organization provides strict case management for its clients, leaving them little time to cause problems in the neighborhood. Some shelter residents will have cars to take them where they need to go; others will be dependent on bus service. If they loiter in the neighborhood, they will be kicked out of the shelter, he said.

Dominique Naegele-Clifford said she has seen problems directly related to the Booth shelter.

"They're not allowed to drink on the property, so what they do is go and buy their alcohol and then they come into our yards and drink," she said.

Part of the reason neighbors are fired up is that the Salvation Army changed the purpose of the facility without getting input from them or approval from the city. Several residents complained they first learned of the plan in the newspaper. And they don't think a shelter belongs in their residential neighborhood.

"We're going from a residential care center ... to a transient care center," said neighbor Garth Newman, who helped organize the meeting. "Our big issue is this is not an appropriate change or an appropriate use for the Booth home."

Some people at the meeting said the neighborhood is obligated to provide help for the families, who otherwise would have no place to go. They didn't get as much applause as those who oppose the shelter, but there was some dissent among the group.

"Not everyone in this neighborhood proposes throwing families out on the street," said Gary Reedy.

Hempsmyer said the Salvation Army believes it already has the necessary permits for the shelter because it used the site as a shelter 30 years ago. The city has given the Salvation Army until today to prove it has the necessary permits, or the city could take corrective action, including stopping the shelter from continuing.

The Salvation Army decided to start using those rooms for moms and children, dads and children, or parents who are still together and have children. The agency plans to have a total of 70 beds in the shelter by Oct. 1, including 14 beds in an adjacent building for single women.

The Salvation Army finished the first phase of expanding Booth Family Care Center two weeks ago. Housing for pregnant teens and teens with children was eliminated because the Salvation Army said fewer teens used those rooms each year. The need for a family shelter was created by the city's plans to stop operating the Community House shelter at 13th and River streets.

Additional Information:

Is the shelter allowed under existing permits?

The Salvation Army has until today to show city planning and development services officials proof that using the Booth Family Care Center to house homeless families is allowed under its existing permits. Failure to prove that would mean the Salvation Army has been operating the shelter illegally for the past two weeks, and the city could take corrective action, including stopping the shelter from operating.

01 September 2005

Meeting with the Mayor of Boise

Honestly I cannot tell you what happened tonight. I'm a bit too angry. The mayor is on the side of the Salvation Army because they are taking the homeless problem off of the hands of the city. I have no idea what is going to happen. I'm really cranky now. Look for my words in the Idaho Statesman (tomorrow maybe) I've been quoted. Wish it was for a better reason. I'm going to pack for our trip and go to bed.

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