13 November 2006


I'm not sure what weekends mean to all of you but to me I have a few ideas. My weekends usually consist of loafing around not cleaning my house and then complaining because my house isn't clean. Thus requiring me to frantically clean because I can't stand it anymore. Knitting, which I continually put aside to clean. Extra long walks with the dog, now that one doesn't change. Shopping with my mom since we both are avoiding cleaning. And making an attempt at catching up on some missed phone calls which, for those of you that know me, I am exceedingly bad at. Ending with a Sunday night wondering where my weekend went and needing to know why there isn't more clean laundry and my floor is still dirty. Then THIS weekend rolled around. The annual PTO Christmas Bazaar was this weekend at Bailey's school. Bailey's dance group was the FORTUNATE recipient of the proceeds from the bake sale. Now, normally this sale is held by other church groups but none wanted it this year. Enter St. Mary's Mexican Folklorico Dance Group. This event is an awesome opportunity to raise some $$ for us. We have been borrowing costumes from another group and it is certainly time for us to have our own. The only problem with having a bake sale is volunteering for a bake sale! Thankfully the kind women of our parish made all the baked goods. We never had to lift a finger in our own kitchens! Good thing too because it would have been hard to bake when you spent 9 hours a day at the school volunteering for the damned bake sale! Now, I am so grateful because we did raise $600 but I managed to spend 21 hours at the school this weekend. Where did my weekend go? Don't remind me! Thankfully Bailey had the day off of school today and I get to stay home and relax a bit.
On another school related note I did manage to take the class art project to the framers last night for the Ball on Saturday. This has been a weight on my shoulders for weeks now and I am soooooo happy for it to finally be out of my hands! I'll take a picture of it as soon as it's completed.
Man, a nap sounds excellent right now...

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At 3/31/2007 1:52 PM, Blogger KBAB said...

I'm only working part time right now and I'm still wondering why things are so messy around here! I think, I'll do it this weekend, then I never want to. Let's hire maids.


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