31 October 2005

Clickity Click

Added a few older pictures...
Dinner Dance 2003
Dinner Dance 2004
Halloween 2002-2004
and added a bunch to Oldies...

Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker

As I sit here eating ANOTHER ReeseSticks I keep thinking that I need decide on something to make for dinner. I'll tell you, the Queen had her Halloween party at school on Friday night and I'm not sure I've eaten anything except candy since then. I'm feeling a bit nauseous and yet I CONTINUE TO EAT THE DAMN CANDY! Anyway, I've posted the party pics for those who would like to see.
Halloween. Hrmmm, what to say... Okay, here at the Clifford house we have rules... Ok, we have rule. The only rule I have is that you have to be something scary. We haven't had that many costumes since I emphatically said that I will NOT take a child out to trick-or-treat unless they can walk the distance on their own. I REFUSED (and still object) to either push a stroller or carry said devilspawn to acquire candy. Nope, you gotta do that on your own. So, the Queen has been... a tornado (age 4), a giant eyeball (age 5), dead-bloated Elvis (age 6), the Rat Queen (age 7), and this year? Medusa (age 8). The Queen is pretty damn decent at picking out what she wants to be by sometime in September... but not this year. Poor girl just couldn't decide. Was two weeks before the event by the time the final decision was made. Now, for most people that might be just enough time. Well, not me. I'm a bit too lazy for that apparently. Ok, maybe I was busy or something. I don't know/remember. What I do know now is that I will never wait til the last minute again (yeah right). I had to find all these snakes and guess what? Boise is snakeless this time of year. Really any time of the year. I went EVERYWHERE. And I do mean EVERYWHERE. Even the dreaded store that I will NOT go into. Yes folks, I went to Wal-Mart. Shit, the things we do for our children. The Queen actually didn't believe me when I said I had gone there. I told her I had and she countered with "Mommy, you know that place is killing our country!" Ahhh, all our brainwashing has finally set in. I then informed her that her party was the next night and she just might have to pick something else. That didn't go over well. The next morning I thought of one last place and lo-and-behold THEY HAD SNAKES! I bought them all out and again vowed this would never happen (that really is a funny statement). Check the pictures... She looked pretty good.
The trunk-or-treat party at the school went really well. Well, we had a great time. Thank you Sandee!!!! You gotta love it when you can let your kids loose and not even wonder where they are for quite some time. The kids went from vehicle to vehicle (then down to the school basement) while the parents tailgated. Now THAT'S the way kids parties should be! I'm sure there are some (at the party even) who would disagree but oh well, we are the troublemaker parents of the school. And quite frankly, we love it that way!
So, if you see a group of children out trick-or-treating and wonder where their parents are... we are following somewhere closely behind sitting on our tailgates drinking beer!

26 October 2005

Kellie is Pushy

Kellie and I
Yes, I know it has been awhile... and no, I'm not sorry.
My birthday has come and gone. I think it was nice. Problem is, I waited too long to post anything (shut it Kellie) and now I can't exactly remember what the hell we did. OH WAIT. I think that was frat party night. Oh yeah. So Kellie and I went out for some drinks which was nice. Plus there was that SERIOUSLY HOT GUY that, of course, we ran into while we were leaving. We left to meet up with her boyfriend, Eric, at his frat party. All I could think of was that I had just turned 31 not 21. THIRTY-ONE! Don't worry though, it was short lived... my cousin (who is also a Kappa Sig) was there and he whisked me away to another bar. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't having a bad time. Got to talk to Eric a bit more. He's a really nice boy. And my cousin's roommate was pretty cool too. But really, it just wasn't my kind of scene. Thanks Mike, I had a great time!
Bubba, DD, Kellie and I went to the Big and Rich concert. Was very cool. Minus the chick vomiting in the bushes. For christsakes lady, can't you control yourself? You are in your 30's and you have to go and do something stupid like that? Shit, this was before the concert even. People in Idaho are so strange sometimes. Yeah, there was this guy there wearing Rod Stewart hair, sunglasses (it was night) and a pink with black stripes zoot suit. Chains and all. Was soooo weird! Kellie and I wanted to get a picture of him. Seriously, he was that crazy looking. We tried... but just couldn't get him. Then there was the two ladies in front of us with mullets. Yes, I did say mullets. SCARY! I thought Dan and Bubs were going to die when they figured out what was going on with their hair. Those two are so childish. I guess that's why we like them so much though... they are just like us. I wonder when we will ever grow up. Put all 4 of us together and there is usually much giggling going on. Farts still get us everytime! Moving on...
I took a week off from my biweekly torture, some call it physical therapy. Went back today and I swear that man is going kill me. Was oddly nice to be back though. Ok, weird thing happened though... As I'm finishing up with a particularly nasty exercise my high school counselor walks in. He remembered my name, first and last even! My lord, I graduated from high school 14 years ago. How could he remember? Ok, I wasn't the greatest kid in school. I did some things that I CERTAINLY wouldn't want the Queen to partake in. I hung out in the SRO's office weekly but not because I was in trouble, because it was an excuse to not be in class. Besides, Officer Lords loved me. Good thing he never caught me doing anything. Shit, I might have actually had to go to class. I can't figure out what made me memorable to this man. I never got in trouble (at least never got caught). I got good grades. It wasn't really in question whether or not I was going to college. Honestly, the only time I remember being in his office was when he asked me which colleges I had been accepted to and which one I really wanted to go to. I wasn't the top of the heap either. I was no Merit Scholar. Just your average student, I would say. Why my name? Worst part? I cannot for the life of me remember his. I do remember him being superb though. What an interesting thing to say about someone... superb? Oh well.
Had an interesting evening with Kellie the other night. We photographed my death. More news later when I have some pictures to post.
But really folks, I haven't been doing much lately. Working on an obscenely easy knitting pattern that is taking me WAY too long to complete. Reading Confessions of a Tax Collector, which is interesting by the way (although probably because of Dan). Making the meals, doing laundry, volunteering at the school, desperately needing a mop so I can quit scrubbing the floor by hand... Ahhh, the life of the homemaking slave!

15 October 2005

Again with the damn pictures?

Added a few more vacation pics... cause I know you all can't get enough of my child and you love seeing me in all my dorkiness.
Anyway, I know I should talk about my birthday (which was Wednesday) but I just haven't gotten around to it yet... sorry.

13 October 2005

Picture Update

There is a new set and added a few to the Queen's Set.

10 October 2005

God and Gambling

Kellie and I ventured to Twin Falls on Saturday for a wedding. Ok, so it was Kellie and I so... we ventured to Twin Falls for a wedding reception. Really now, who can expect US to be on time to ANYTHING? Was a good drive, had lots to chat about. Seems weird that we don't work with each other anymore. Kinda like I've lost the second half of myself. Don't get me wrong, I get to see her tons. For christsakes we are neighbors and all! But I do still miss the everyday thing! Anyway, the wedding... it was one of those weddings where you KNOW that these two will be together FOREVER! Her first real boyfriend and his first girlfriend. Met through Campus Crusades for Christ. Haven't yet dated a year. But this is IT for them (and I HONESTLY believe that is true). Keri and Jeremy have to be two of the nicest, sweetest people on the face of the earth. Incredibly genuine. Their receiving line took longer than their reception and wedding combined because they took time to greet each guest individually. Seriously wonderful folks man. The trip there took a downhill turn when Kellie looked over at me and said, "Did you realize that these two are going to lose their virginity tonight?" IIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCKKKKKKKYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! It was bound to happen. One of us was going to mention that. And I believe it haunted us the entire time. Every time we saw them kiss that was all we could think of. I know, I know, dirty minds. I'm glad I have gotten a chance to know these two, they are definitely a light in the world.
Well, all the uber-Christianity and super sweetness drove us straight to Jackpot... literally. We decided we needed to temper all that loveliness with a bit of alcohol and gambling! WOOHOO!!!! Someone we worked with at Boise State changed careers and is currently working as a floor manager at a certain casino in Jackpot. We stopped in and got to see him. Was very cool. I have got to say casinos are such a surreal place to me. No windows, scary people, women who look like the chairs they are sitting in (odd, but really happened), old people, people, literally, hooked up to the machines they are playing. Guess I never really noticed the people so much in Reno but I suppose that would be because it's bigger there. This place was pretty small. We had fun though, drank a little, gambled, at some pretty damn decent dinner, gambled some more, came home with more than I started with. Good trip. I am still kicking myself though that I didn't bring the camera. What the hell was I thinking? We changed our clothes in the car, in the parking lot even, now that would have been a GREAT picture! Ok Kellie, we must go again... and this time with a camera!

03 October 2005


This has got to be the coolest thing ever... YEA!

All that is required

I'm currently reading The Speckled Monster - A Historical Tale of Battling Smallpox. It's okay I suppose but it is getting better. I've just read a passage that I find amusing enough to add to this little journal...
"'What is so wrong with Skeffington?' asked Lady Kingston, setting her cup down with a definitive click. 'Consider the best marriages from one end of town to the other: You will find very few women in love with their husbands, I assure you. Yet many are happy.'
Kingston rose. 'There, madam, I must agree with you. Thankfully, your equation works equally well the other way round.' He bowed and strode from the room.
'You see?' cried Lady Kingston. 'Civility is all that is required.'"

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