15 March 2006

People are IDIOTS.

I'm cranky. Maybe I should just leave things at that. Really c'mon now, there's no way in hell that's gonna happen anytime soon.
This morning I have been gagging over our local rag, the Idaho Statesman. Most of the time I find this newspaper... well, dumb. Today? Nauseating. As I had recently posted, our priest (hell's bells the girl is catholic, hard to imagine, I understand) wrote a letter on gay marriage. Read it, most of you that I know will be glad you did. Now, it's taken awhile but there is finally beginning to be a bit of backlash about said article. Sheesh, took waaay longer than I thought it would. Anyhoots, in today's opinion page there were two letters. No the paper isn't THAT small. Just two about what Father Faucher had commented on. One of them is from a teacher at The Queen's school. "Dear Mrs. Kathy Yribar... what a closed minded bitch you are. I am so glad that you will retire before my child makes it to your classroom." Wow! I am cranky aren't I? Oh, well life moves on. I, of course, had to fire off a letter to combat her crap. Keep an eye out, hopefully it will show up here.
In other HAPPY news... it's snowing again!!!! To much dismay to Devlyn and Bacon surely (insert evil laugh here). Snow makes me happy! DAMNIT! BE HAPPY! EVERYBODY!
P.S. My laziness has hit an all time high and I cannot take it anymore. I have applied for a part-time job at the Y. I figure I spend enough time there I really should be paid for it. Wish me luck!

13 March 2006


'Meaner Lookin for Fun

01 March 2006

Time Out

Well, Dan's gone once more. For only two weeks this time. You know, I was really looking forward to this time. Don't get me wrong, it does suck when he's gone (i.e. I have no one to stick my icy nighttime feet on when I climb into bed), but there IS good to him being away on business. Such as only having to clean up after one child, not having to have dinner ready at a specific time, not having to ask a kazillon times for someone to have to take out the garbage. YAY! So after finally getting him packed up (which required him removing everything he owns from the closet and depositing it on the living room divan) the Queen and I set out for a relaxing day. It was divine! I didn't clean ANYTHING! There's crap EVERYWHERE! And I didn't give a shit! YEEHAW! Of course later that night all hell breaks loose. I get a call from my sister-in-law saying that Dan's grandmother is in the ER and it doesn't look good... CRAP! I stay up half the night waiting to hear some news. Call Dan a few times. He says "Ummmm, Dom, you know that I cannot come home right?" Yah, I knew, but shit I wasn't expecting to spend my two-week-vacation-away-from-my-husband with the family! It is now essentially Thursday and Dan's shit is still in the front room, the Queen's puzzle from Monday has fallen off the bar and there are puzzle pieces all over the damn floor, there is laundry seeping out from the bathroom and I spend all my time in the hospital. AAAAACCCCCKKKKKK! I'm moving on. I am going back to my normal routine (no matter what anyone says). Tomorrow is Thursday and that's my Coffee-Date-With-Dawn day and I'm keeping it! I would like to say that afterwards I will come home and clean this filthy house up but I'm sure I will procrastinate on Flickr for an eternity. I'm gonna try though. Wish me luck! Sweetney said to me that she is trying to be Ms. Brightside. I'm going to try and follow her lead.
I have to go now... I went to mass for Ash Wednesday this morning and the ashes are sliding down my greasy-ass forehead and burning my eyes. Today Rocks!
P.S. Can I just mention that I adore our Priest? 'Cause I do. And you should to.

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