28 December 2005

Went to IHS today...

... and now I am sad. :(

26 December 2005


Thankfully, it is all over!

20 December 2005

The Pictures Do Exist

The tree, excuse me, the PERFECT tree pictures are up.

The Perfect Tree

I know it's been forever since I posted and quite frankly I'm very surprised that Kellie hasn't mentioned it yet. We've been busy... I was sick, the Queen is currently sick, and if you hadn't noticed... it's almost Christmas. I've got to say I think I'm ready for this holiday season to be over. Last year Dan was gone for almost all of December. He left the Monday after Thanksgiving and didn't come home until the week of Christmas. Luckily he wasn't going to be gone like that this year. He was out of town the second week of December but only for a week! We got our Christmas tree a week early so that he could participate. Now, since the tree has been up for two weeks it should be Christmas. We don't usually put up a tree until two weeks prior to Christmas. And damnit, it's not Christmas yet. I think I'm tired of all of this already. I'm not done shopping yet and if you are I hate you so don't even tell me. Usually by this time I only have a few small things to gather up but this year... ugh. I still have important gifts yet to buy. Dan, my mother, Lib... I'm sure they are expecting something. Nothing fabulous, it's from me of course! I have to get some things for my step-mom, brother and sister too. Seeing as how it's pretty much too late to send it I'll get on that ball after all this crap is done. New Year's presents for ALL!!!
We attended our annual Clifford Family Christmas Party (CFCP) on Saturday. Had a great time. Everyone seems well. The Queen got to see her cousin that she doesn't see often enough and they ran around chasing the 2 year old cousin most of the night. Biggest joy of the evening was the gift of a tree from Dan's grandmother (paternal side). A SILVER aluminum tree! It also came with the original color wheel and spinning tree stand! I do realize that most of you are currently puking wondering why the hell I would want such an item. Well, honestly, I've wanted one of these beautiful silver trees for as long as I can remember. I vividly remember being six and going across the street to our elderly neighbors house and seeing this spectacle and deciding that we NEEDED a tree like that. My mother, of course, found it entirely too hideous and said no way. I've NEEDED one ever since. The first year Dan and I were married we went to his grandmother's house (maternal side) and yep, she had one. Hers is gold, I just couldn't live with that, and no spinning base. It's lovely but not what I NEEDED. Besides, I'm pretty sure it's willed to someone else already. Since we've been attending the CFCP there hasn't been any tree. The house is always festive but no tree. When Grandma Clifford haphazardly mentioned this tree I just about fell off my chair. I quickly glanced at Dan and his face immediately dropped. SHIT, HE'D KNOWN ABOUT THIS TREE HIS ENTIRE LIFE! He knew he was beat and that tree was/is MINE! We packed it home and put it up near the green one the next day. He decided he actually liked it. It really does go well with our new living room style. He later went to Bubba's and came home and said, "Hey, you know what would be the coolest? If that tree spun. You know like if it had a base that turned?" I promptly picked up a box that read 'Rotating Base' and said, "Like this?" He turned into a giggly school girl after that and is a giant fan of my obscene tree. My mom has even turned into a fan. She cracks me up. I totally remembering her hating those trees and now she thinks that it's perfect. As my green tree is rapidly browning and is a major fire hazard already I'm looking forward to future years of my silver tree!
P.S. I have taken pictures and will post them later today!

05 December 2005

A Week Off

Well, Dan's left for Idaho Falls for a week or so for work. It kinda bums me out a bit when he leaves this time of year. This year is so much better than last year though. Last year he left the Monday after Thanksgiving and didn't come home til the week of Christmas. The Queen and I had to buy and decorate the tree by ourselves. Oh, and buy and wrap all the presents. I know he enjoys doing that stuff. Normally we don't decorate or anything until two weeks before Christmas. Boo to you who do it the day after Turkey Day. We decided to start a little early this year so Dan could participate. Got the tree taken care of Sunday. It's lovely. I will take a picture this evening and post. By the way, I have to mention, I am so tired of being raped by these tree sales lots. We know the guy that owns the lot where we buy ours each year and thankfully he gives us a nice discount. But MAN! The folks ahead of us spent $130 on a tree and it wasn't even that big. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't small, but $130 worth? I don't think so. Ours is just a touch smaller and we paid $55. That's one hell of a markup people! I will let it go at that.
It was snowing here this past week. Friends were calling remarking on how giddy I was. I am definitely a summer person but I've gotta tell you, I LOVE the snow. I got a little crazy that first morning it snowed and took some dorky pictures.
Snow, Snow, SNOW!!!!
We barely had any snow last year so I've been very excited to say the least.
I have posted some new pictures today for your viewing pleasure (or boredom).
1. The Infamous Dinner Dance Art Project (see entry)
2. Snow Day
3. Kappa Sig Karaoke
4. The Queen and Kellie
5. Updated Random Queen Shots with some new pictures too.
I'm looking forward to this week with Dan being gone. Don't get me wrong, I miss him horribly when he is gone but it's also so nice. Just a breather you know. I'm looking forward to tackling a few things around the house and getting some shopping done (although not today as I have yet to make it out of my pajamas). We may have Ramen and Diet Coke for dinner (the Queen will of course have her favorite drink of water or Silk, her choice). Yea to not having to make a full dinner for a least a week!! I'm off to lay in bed for a little bit and not feel guilty about it!

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