13 February 2006

I'll do it if You do it!

Try it out. VERY SHORT wasn't an option.

08 February 2006

The Damned Seven

Devlyn has tagged me for a meme. The rules state that you must list the seven songs you are most into right now. As per Devlyn "no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to." I am dubbing it the Damned Seven. Only because I have no idea what the hell I'm listening to lately (although it's all country I'm sure) and SEVEN FRIENDS? Do I even have seven friends? Crap I need to do a little research.

1. Jetsons Theme Song
Just watched all of season I of the Jetsons and quite frankly I CANNOT get that theme song out of my head.

2. "Cowboy Take Me Away"
Dixie Chicks
On my ipod and in the truck. One of my all time favorite songs and I think I can't go one day without hearing it.

3. "When I Get Where I'm Going"
Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton
I can't really explain this one. I just really enjoy this song. For some odd reason it's relaxing.

4. "Boondocks"
Little Big Town
Sometimes I feel like they are talking about Boise. Although small and a bit backwards I really do love it here.

5. "Mud On The Tires"
Brad Paisley
Another must hear each day. Always makes me smile.

6. "Fast Cars And Freedom"
Rascall Flats
Shouldn't we all feel this way?

7. "Walkin' After Midnight"
Patsy Cline
Heard this song again for the first time in a long time last week and now it has gone into the daily rotation.

I'm sure there is plenty of other stuff that I have been listening to but honestly I can't think of anything else. Now, I'm tagging... hmmmm, let's see... Hillbilly Mom, Miss Kim, Bacon, Miss Kellie, Cupcake, My Sister Sara, My Brother Erin. For those of you who use myspace please post your Damned Seven in your blog area so I can read them.

Happy Birthday Cupcake

Had a lovely evening with Cupcake and Miss Kellie celebrating his birthday. Didn't take many pictures but there are a few.

02 February 2006


Yes, I have been gone. I know. I think I'm back now. Maybe. Anyhoots, so the big news is that I'm back in the pool! For those of you who don't know... I had my shoulder replaced in June. One of my biggest loves is swimming and the only way I was going to be able to get back in the pool (as per my ortho surgeon) was to get this shoulder thing taken care of. I orginally hurt my shoulder playing soccer and volleyball as a freshman/sophomore in high school. Had a full soft tissue repair at 15 and at 25 my 10 year warranty ran out. It dislocated again, while doing NOTHING, and after the horrid experience of that nasty, 6 hour surgery I vowed never to do that again. I lasted 5 years. It begun happening more frequently and well, there I was back in surgery but this time a bit more intensive. My mother, God love her, said this was going to be a breeze since birthing the demon spawn and she was right. It went fabulously and although I spent a giant portion of the summer sweating to death in this uncomfortable contraption...
How I Spent My Summer I
How I Spent My Summer II
... I'm SO GLAD I got it all taken care of. P.S. The big plastic part wrapped around my torso and my arm sat on that arm rest thing with the handle. IT WAS HOT! BLECH! I had to wear it 24 hours a day and it was awful.
Ok, I know I have strayed... I started swimming again 3(?) weeks ago. I'm soooo happy again. I think I was starting to wither away without that chlorie pumping through my veins. Now I'm swimming 5 days a week again and water fitness 3 days a week. So those of you that have wondered where I have been now you know. I think I live at the YMCA and perpetually smell of chlorinated water. Life is good!
I have been feeling really down lately and I think I am finally seeing the light again. Nothing bad has been going on just a general feeling of crappiness. This cold, wet winter we've had so far hasn't added to my happiness factor either. SUMMER, I MISS YOU! There have been some great things going on. The Queen had her First Reconciliation and basketball is in full swing. We are now occupied with First Communion, Mexican Dance and basketball. Needless to say we've had our hands full lately.
I wish I had more for you internet friends but I have gotta get outta here and get some laps in before I pick up the Queen!

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