31 August 2005

Oh Gawd!

Read this headline from CNN!
Man, I hate that store. I feel soooo terrible for what is happening to those thousands of people. I can't even imagine what they are going through. I wish they would close those stores here though.

29 August 2005

Booth Meeting

I just received this letter about the proposed Homeless Shelter in the Northend. Please join us Sept. 1st and show your support for the northend. Whether or not you are currently residing in the northend doesn't matter. This issue affects us all! More Info

Dear Neighbors:

Please join me in a neighborhood discussion of the Salvation Army's proposed plans for their 26th Street property and your concerns Thursday, September 1st, 6:00 p.m.

Originally, I requested this meeting take place on the Salvation Army property in order to allow on-site tours. Because the meeting time conflicts with the dinner time and the returning time of the residents, I will hold the meeting in the gym at Lowell Elementary School, 1507 N. 28th St.

I am hopeful we can use this time to have a candid discussion about the needs and concerns of our neighborhoods and reach an understanding that will benefit the entire community.

Mayor David Bieter
City of Boise

15 August 2005

The Dalai Lama of Tibet

So I have recently found out that I am attending the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Washington DC this November!!! It's the mother of all science conferences. I am soooo excited. I have never been to WDC and I can't wait to stay on Capitol Hill. There are so many museums and monuments to see. And oh god PLEASE don't let me see too many of the politicians that I have a tendency to verbally massacre on the television/radio. I'm not taking any dangerous weapons but this mouth of mine is usually likely to get me into some trouble! :) I'm going with my favorite Dr., my step-mom, Susie. Calling Dr. Susie to save Dom from this life of servitude known as 'homemaking'. The interesting part is that The Dalai Lama is giving a lecture and I am going!!!! I can't believe my luck. Ooooh, and the whole thing is controversial since some of the Chinese scientists don't think that he has any place in the line-up of "serious" scientists. The Dalai Lama AND controversy? Traveling sans child with my favorite person in the world? I'm so fucking excited! READ READ READ

14 August 2005

Northend News

My television debut on Channel 2 tonight!!! Let's keep our neighborhood SAFE!!!!
Please read our website... Booth Neighbors

August 14, 2005

North End Neighbors Oppose Salvation Army Expansion

By Michelle DeGrand


Neighbors complain about the Salvation Army's effort to accommodate more people at its North End campus. Shelter officials say with Boise's Community House closing, there's an even greater need for homeless services. However, neighbors say the Salvation Army's attempts to help the homeless are hurting homeowners.

Neighbors say they're already seeing problems as a result of the shelter's expansion, and they recently had a meeting to express their concerns. The meeting between neighbors, Salvation Army officers, and Boise city officials on Friday attracted nearly a hundred people. Residents were upset over the recent increase in shelter space which they say has subsequently brought more homeless to the area.

"They bring their beer they come sit on our lawn and they drink. That's definitely a problem, that's not something I want to open my door and let my child go out and play to that." said Dominique Naegele-Clifford, a mother who lives right across the street from the facility.

Clifford grew up in the neighborhood and says the problems have gotten worse as the facility across the street turned from a school for pregnant teens to emergency shelter for women and families. She said litter and parking problems are most frequent, but her main concern is the safety of the area's many children.

The Salvation Army has agreed to offer more capacity to, in part, make up for the loss of emergency shelter in Community House, which the city wants to get rid of. The North End facility hopes to have 70 beds available by October, and what makes many nearby homeowners so upset is that they say no one told them of the changes.

"I did not know, and none of the neighbors knew, that was the big wow," said Garth Newman, who lives two blocks from the campus. So they called the meeting, which some say offered little resolution.

"We felt that we had more questions after the meeting than we had before the meeting," said Newman. Others were a bit more hopeful that the meeting would eventually yield results.

"I think the meeting was productive. I think it showed the Salvation Army that we were concerned about what happened, but I think that it was more productive in getting us, as neighbors, together with a common voice," said Naegele-Clifford. However, the Salvation Army is one of the city's main solutions to a growing homeless problem, and without its space the homeless have few options.

"These people need a place to go, absolutely, that is a huge concern for us, we all feel that nobody should be homeless," said Clifford, "But at the same time, this is a residential neighborhood."

"We're not just saying, 'no, no, no,' what we have to portray is that we can come up with suggestions that will benefit everybody," said Newman.

Salvation Army officers could not be reached for comment Sunday, but did say previously the services are needed. They said the North End campus would hold a larger population than Community House currently holds once their expansion efforts are complete. Meanwhile, the neighbors will be meeting again tonight to search for solutions to their concerns. Newman said they are beginning an investigation into the Zoning and Conditional Use of the campus.

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