18 July 2005

My Mother

Ok, so I get this phone call from my mother tonight... "Dom? I noticed the other morning on my way to work that your front window was open."
"Yes mother, it gets very hot in the house if it's not."
"Well can't you shut it when you guys go to bed at night? You never know what could happen."
"Mom, it would be like 100 degrees in this house! Oh and you know those 95 boxes of cabinets and furniture that are propped up in front of that window? I'm sure that would be pretty noisy if someone decided to jump through the window that is only open 4 inches because it is stuck there and won't go any higher."
"Well, there are some strange people across the street you know!"
"They may be strange but I can guarantee that they are wider than 4 inches. Didn't I just say that my window doesn't open any further than that?"
"They could probably think of a way to open it and get in you know."
"I've lived here for 8 years and cannot get that damn window open any more than 4 inches. It's old and it's loud and it's STUCK."
"I'm just worried about you guys."
"Thanks mom, I'll think about it!"
Sometimes I SWEAR my mother is crazy. I am 30 years old and I apparently do not know when to close the windows on my own house! Are you fucking serious? What a bizarre conversation. Living next door to your mother can be a complete blessing (I really do love her dearly), but sometimes it's a complete fucking nightmare.

17 July 2005


Well I'm home. Been home since Monday and honestly I can't for the life of me tell you what the hell I have done for the past 3 days. Although I guess there has been an inordinate amount of time watching Six Feet Under, going to my surgeon's office and physical therapy. Oh, and I did scrub the kitchen and living room floor by hand today. I may have gotten a bit carried away with the Pine Sol though. I did get on my bike and trek down for a bottle of water and when I opened the door to the shack the overwhelming scent of my favorite cleaner smacked me square in the face. No shit, my eyes started to water. Dan did happen to mention that he was grateful that I didn't have an obsession with ammonia cleaning products.
My vacation, albeit short, was very nice. I had a very nice time at the wedding and even pulled off my unrehearsed reading of the responsorial psalm without a hitch. Everything was lovely. Fifi cracks me up and I am so glad I got to go to see the great event. The reception was quite fantastic also although I have to admit it was like 100 degrees and my fabulous silk Ann Taylor was begging me to put it out of it's misery. Thank the lord I remembered to pack extra clothes. Fifi and Adam couldn't have picked a better place for the reception though as there was a sprinker park right there in the same place. The kids were GRATEFUL, to say the least, and as time wore on so were the adults! Zach and Karen left early as Zach was afraid Karen would melt in the heat leaving me to my own vices with my husband's family, minus my husband I might add. Thank God for my sister-in-law, Rachel! I think she had had her fill as much as I had and yet she was staying in the same hotel as most of them. I don't know how she does it. I think I was wise in choosing to stay over an hour away, I should have taken Rachel and the boys with me!
The day previous to the wedding Zach, Bailey and I went to Six Flags. Everyone said 10 a.m. and knowing the fam there is no way in hell they would make it before 1 p.m. So, the three of us decided to go ahead and go and just meet them all there. Another good decision since they didn't make it there til AFTER 2:00 p.m. We had a great time and then left! WOOHOO! Staying with the Hattons was fabulous! I felt like I had taken a 10 day vacation instead of just 5 days. Everything was just comfortable and relaxing. The Queen B is still there and won't be flying home til Saturday night. Zach and Karen may need a whole 'nother vacation after this. They all seem to be having a great time though.
Wednesday was our (Dan and I) NINE year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that it has been nine years already. I swear it's only been like 2 years tops and I have no idea where this 7 year old child that lives in our house and calls us Mommy and DD came from! For those of you who don't know, our anniversary always seems to be a rocky time for us. We have decided that either one of us should either be out of the state, which is usually where I am, or ignore that day completely. Trust us, it's just better that way. We seem to have a great anniversary when I'm in San Diego and he's in Boise.This year I was actually home and we decided we would do something... dinner and a movie. Harmless enough. It went off without a hitch... minus the movie. GOD, PLEASE DON'T SEE THE DEVIL'S REJECTS! We desperately tried to find SOME redeeming quality in it and just couldn't. Although, we did have some good laughs trying to figure one out. I have got to say I had a really good time! YEA!!!
Anyway, I am glad to be home and am looking forward to the Queen B coming home. Shit, I haven't talked to her in TWO days!!!! I may lose my mind if I don't hear from her by tomorrow!!!

16 July 2005


Blah, blah, blah... Sorry, feeling a bit...hrmmm... blah. Funny, for once in my life I don't even have that much to say. Things are going ok I suppose. Leaving Thursday for Oakland/San Francisco. The wedding of Bailey's godmother and hanging out with Zach. I've been really excited to go but now I'm not even that so much. Wonder what's up.
Anyway, for those of you that have been calling and I've been failing to call you back (yes, I know I'm REALLY bad about that)... my shoulder is EXCELLENT! I can't believe it's been just over a month and it's doing so well... ahhh the miracle of medicine and technology. I swear sometimes I can feel all that artificial crap in there though... ew. Anyway, the house is sooooo close to being done. All the furniture and cabinets came finally. Dan and Zeke put them all together and it sounds like they should be totally completed when I get back from California. Don't ask about countertops, that has been a nightmare! Oh, and yes, I did quit my job. Been going to the pool everyday and not much else! YEA! Gonna be a few more months before I can actually get in it but hey at least I get to go. Bailey is great... I think she finally found her sport. She decided to join the swim team this year and has now decided to do it year round. Damn, the girl is fabulous! Every meet she has she amazes me! I can't believe all the ribbons she's getting! Phew, ok so that's what is going on here. I know this was a bit boring but at least now everyone knows all the details.

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