27 April 2006


I mean EWWWW.

06 April 2006

Sometimes I can't even believe myself.

'Cause all good trips should end like this!

The last time we chatted I happened to mention something about applying for a job at the Y. They called. I'm happy. Now they aren't the only ones who called. My old boss at Boise State called the same day. He was wondering if I would be able to come back to work to help fill in part-time. I agreed to go in and chat with him but damnit, I had demands this time. See, I'm not so good at making demands when it comes to work. Kinda like I should just be lucky I'm working (for years I was the breadwinner while Dan stayed home with The Queen and finished school). Well not anymore. I went it with my terms and came out with a job. I feel like I need one of those Staples Buttons... "That was easy!" I worked a week, took a week off (Spring Break), and today finished up my second week. No fridays for this girl! I have quite a bit to learn since it's not the job I left behind, thankfully. I'm actually having a great time! I thought it would be nice to be doing something again but I didn't think I would enjoy it this much. I get to work with my best friend again and that's a huge plus!
Now if I can change the mindset of my family, especially in the mornings, things would be just about perfect. Here comes the rant... I get up an hour (at least) earlier than anyone else in this house. There's lunches to make, breakfast, getting clothes together for everyone for the day, ironing, cleaning the kitchen, making sure everyone else is up on time and getting their shit taken care of... now I have to add in my own shower, clothes for work (lest we forget I live to take The Queen to school while in my pj's), an extra breakfast and lunch so I get something to eat... did I mention that we only have ONE BATHROOM???? Yeah. Sucks. Needless to say it takes me a bit longer to get ready than the two crazy people that live here with me. My fabulous husband asked me the other morning why I wasn't ready yet. He was ready to go and well, I wasn't. I envisioned myself at that moment pulling a gun from the bathroom drawer and blowing his head off. Nah, it didn't happen really... How do I know? Because then he told me to "hurry up." No shit. Thank God I don't really store any guns in the bathroom drawers. For some reason it doesn't seem to bother anyone that I have to get up EXTRA early and get everyone's crap together and now my own. I'm wondering why I have to do this all by myself. Why the hell can't Dan get up earlier and split some of these chores? Well, according to him... he works! Yep, he said it. 'Cause apparently all I do is jack shit. I'm waiting for the day that I get to see him get up at the butt crack of dawn, do all the morning housework, then GO to work, drive from work to The Queen's school for the after school pick-up, home for homework, start dinner, pick-up him up from work (or in this fantasy case, me), home to eat, off to either softball or dance, home to bathe spawn, put to bed, you think I'm done?, start some laundry, clean other rooms in house, garbage duty, dishes, how about grocery shopping?, I usually go between 9 and 11 pm, check email, finally make it to bed at some ungodly hour and then start again being the first one up... Seriously, I think he would die. Can someone remind me why we have husbands? I seem to have forgotton... and don't tell me it's for the sex, we've been married almost 10 years! Because seriously, I don't need anymore work.
Hey, you are still here? You haven't run away screaming and pulling your hair out? Internet, I love you! :*
It's 10:35 p.m., I still need to sweep. *YAWN*

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