26 June 2006

No One Was Looking

DD and The Queen Heading Off on Adventures

It's official. I am alone. Dan is off to Denver and The Queen in McCall for Y Camp. I think I might be in a state of shock. I don't think I've been left alone like this for 10 years. There has always been at least one of them around. Weird.
I haven't really figured out what the hell I'm going to do with myself yet. I need to start cleaning the house since it's been like a MONTH (at least). My last day at work was Thursday so now I'm here all week, by myself, in the dirty house. I think I'll start that job tomorrow. Yah, take a day off Dom! I think I'll start by taking a nap. :)

25 June 2006


I'm thinking of changing this blog. Apparently I will only be posting pictures of The Queen's icky wounds.

It finally happened...

Part of the toenail had to go

Ok, so I won't be changing things. However, I WILL begin posting more. I promise.

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